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Electrical Utility Vaults & Bases

Transformer and switchgear bases, connection manholes and vaults for underground electrical services


Bases for Single Phase Transformers



Item No.


O/A Dimensions

Opening Dimensions


LPC48 For padmount transformers Guelph & Halton Hills Hydro 48" x 48" x 46"h 
(1220mm x 1220mm x 1170mm)
33" x 26" 
(840mm x 660mm)

 For padmount transformers in Guelph c/w bell   ends cast in

 48" x 48" x 64"h 
(1220mm x 1220mm x 1625mm)
 33" x 26" 
(840mm x 660mm)
LP58P For padmount transformers Hydro One spec. 58" x 40" x 42"h 
(1470mm x 1016mm x 1066mm)
36" x 28" 
(915mm x 710mm)
LP58X For padmount transformers Cambridge Hydro spec. 58" x 40" x 42"h 
(1470mm x 1016mm x 1066mm)
34" x 28"
(860mm x 710mm)
w/cutouts for cable lugs 
LP58XP For padmount transformers Brampton, Miss.,et al 58" x 40" x 48"h 
(1470mm x 1016mm x 1066mm)
34" x 28" 
(860mm x 710mm)
  LPC66 2 openings w/ galv. Cover Milton Hydro spec. 66" x 48" x 46"h 
(1675mm x 1220mm x 1066mm)
33" x 26" & 12” x26” 
(300mm x 660mm)

Bases for 3 Phase Transformers

LPC80 One piece transformer base 80" x 72" x 48"h 
(2030mm x 1830mm x 1220mm)
44" x 18" 
(1120mm x 460mm)
P8492 Footing slab for LPC80 92” x 84” x 6”th 
(2335mm x 2135mm x 150mm)
P7280 Top slab for B7280 2 Pc. Trans. base 80" x 72" x 6"h 
(2030mm x 1830mm x 150mm)
44" x 18" 
(1120mm x 460mm)
B7280 Base box for P7280 c/w duct seals 80" x 72" x 42"h 
(2030mm x 1830mm x 1070mm)
70" x 62" x 42"h 
(1780mm x 1575mm x 1070mm)
P7272 Top slab for B7272 2 Pc. Trans. base 72" x 72" x 6"h 
(1830mm x 1830mm x 150mm)
44" x 18" 
(1120mm x 460mm)
B7272 Base box for P7272 c/w duct seals 72" x 72" x 48"h 
(1830mm x 1830mm x 1220mm)
60" x 60" x 48"h 
(1520mm x 1520mm x 1220mm)
P9660 Top for B9660 Switchgear Base 96” x 60” x 6”th
(2440mm x 1525mm x 150mm)
71” x 24” (1800mm x 610mm)
B9660 Base for P9660 c/w duct seals 96” x 60” x 48”th (2440mm x 1525mm x1220mm) 84” x 48” x 48”th (2130mm x 1220mm x 1220mm)

Underground Vaults and Pull Boxes

U.D. Vault Vault for submersible transformer c/w Polylok duct seals 68" x 45" x 72"h 
(1730mm x 1140mm x 1830mm)

Galv. Cover sets for U.D. Vault

(Sidewalk OR Field Cover Set) 

68" x 45" x 1.5"h 
(1730mm x 1140mm x 38mm)
B4834 Connection Box c/w duct seals 48" x 34" x 36"h 
(1220mm x 860mm x 910mm)


Galv. Cover set for B4834 2 Pc. c/w frame - 48" x 34" 
(1220mm x 860mm)
    Concrete Cover for B4834 48" x 34" x 4"thick
(1220mm x 860mm x 100mm )
B4834-K Base box for Kabar switch 48" x 34 x 36"h 
(1220mm x 860mm x 910mm)
Electrical Manhole – H20 load design c/w duct seals & custom openings 156" x 108" x 96"h
(3690mm x 2740mm x 2440mm)

Junction well (OPSD 2112.02) WITH cast iron cover (OPSD 2422.02) 

Cast Iron COVER ONLY OPSD 2422.02

24"dia. X 30"h
(600mm x 760mm)

24" Dia 



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